Taylor Denise Edwards was born on November 8, 1995. She grew up on Chicago's South Side in the Marquette Park area. Taylor has always been very creative, especially with words. As a child she would write stories and poetry and compile the pages into books at home. However it wasn't until the age of 16 that this creativity was performed in front of others. Having met others who were going to open mics around the city, she began to attend the events and perform her poetry writings. Attending these events introduced her to similar minded people who were focusing on rap as a creative output. This  ignited Taylor’s interest in recording and performing as an artist.  She attended Chicago's High School for Agricultural Sciences and after that she took a few courses at Daley College before enlisting in the United States Navy.  

While in the US Navy she was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. There she found herself surrounded by like minded enlistees who used hip-hop and rap as a means of entertainment while on leave. 

She also became involved with a group of rappers called "Money Mob".  This group excelled her creatively and she started visiting studios where she recorded most of her library of songs.  She would also perform at the local clubs during leave on the island.  

After returning home to Chicago she began to focus fully on her music.  She returned with over forty songs recorded.  In December of 2018 she joined "MC Skool" under the guidance of "Phenom" who is very involved with Chicago's youth. His school polishes young Chicago rappers and gives them much valuable stage experience. Phenom holds weekly open mic's.

Taylor's music covers a range of Rap and R&B, and uniquely combines soft melodies with hard rap flows. Her brand is TAYLORE (which is her first name and the first initial of her last name), and in her songs she refers to herself as TAYLOR-E.  Follow her on social media to keep up to date.

I love water sports

Photos of myself in Okinawa, Japan.